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Hi, I’m Hamlet Meneses and I am the Founder and Creative Art Director of vamostodos, músicababy, creativeturtles, Kids in Conversation, and whatwillyoucreatetoday programs that use ART and MUSIC as means of teaching children Spanish, English, and ART.

I’ve has also contributed as an Expert Reviewer for the Illinois Early Learning Standards Kindergarten Project Team.

As a fine artist I have about 25 years experience with Photography, and graphic design, and over a decade of experience working with oil painting, mixed media, and some sculpture.  Thankfully my work has been carried by some galleries here in Chicago, and I had many one man shows years back.  I’ve stopped doing that so I could focus on developing my business teaching kids Spanish.

As an author I self-published a handmade book of Artivities for kids (Volume 1) from my book series called creARTe, available through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, as well as other bookstores in the surrounding suburbs.

I provide workshops for kids, and teachers in the following areas: Teaching Second Language Acquisition, How Art Benefits the Language Learning Process, and How to Integrate Bilingual Music Into Your Classroom.

My motivation for this blog is to share my life experiences as an entrepreneur, teacher, and parent, hoping to learn from what you and I share in this blog, and to let you see that, YES, it is possible to achieve your dreams.

You may look me up, follow me, or contact me any time through:

Facebook: Hamlet Meneses

Twitter: HamletMeneses


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